Services We Offer

We provide the following services to our clients and customers.

Cash on Delivery

Afraid of online payments!! Don't worry we have fully integrated service to take the money once you receive the product.

Secure Payments

Facing Demonitization troubles?? Now make your digital payments with fully encrypted transactions and a secure connection.

Free Shipping

Anxious at the extra shipping charges of websites !!Enjoy zero charge shipping to your address with us.

Replacement Warranty

Didn't liked the phone you wanted. Get your product replaced within 3 days of its delivery for refurbished items.

Rent a product

Now keep changing,keep evolving. With our renting service, enjoy each new product at affordable rates.

Continuous Support

We could be contacted about your issues on call(8744094646) , mail ( or now even on whatsApp/Facebook.

About Us

We are a team of passionate people boot-strapping our idea to ease your lives and to enable you to live frugally.

Get it, Use it,
Change it.

Second Vendor is a based on one of the Indian 'Jugaadu' ideas floating around with a true understanding of all the people who would like to get a new looking product just at half the price of original product, but without compromising the quality.

At Second Vendor, we’ve been working on creating a model which benefits you as well as us.It has been inspired by the point that, we want to pay only for what we choose to use and like.

We work with a wide range of clients and customers, including new handset users, corporates requiring our services on monthly basis . But really, we’d rather work to satisy each of our customer fully than getting more.



Just not another e-commerce company, but the need:

Follow @SecondVendor​ Hi, this is Gaurav from .I will share with you one of my experience due to which we started working on the project,Second Vendor .One fine day in the afternoon, we flatmates were sitting and planning to buy some expensive phone at a affordable cheaper price .I searched a lot for coupon codes and many websites in parallel to...

We at secondvendor have a vision to meet the needs of our customers and clients.In case you want to inquire about anything and require a particular model, feel free to write to us at our Contact us page.