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Hi, this is Gaurav from secondvendor.com .I will share with you one of my experience due to which we started working on the project,Second Vendor .One fine day in the afternoon, we flatmates were sitting and planning to buy some expensive phone at a affordable cheaper price .I searched a lot for coupon codes and many websites in parallel to hit a big deal :D, then i found that refurbished phones were available in the market .In the starting i did’nt knew about the refurbished products.

Curiously, I started  searching in deep about my discovery.Gradually by collecting more and more information I found out that if you dream to buy a brand new phone but want to spend almost 50% the price of new phone then goto refurbished category of products. 

Also, there two kind of refurbished phones first one is company(samsung,apple etc.) refurbished which acquire 5% of total refurbished product market second is seller refurbished approx 95% of total.The main difference between refurbished and a brand new product is that you don’t get original accessories with refurbished one.Accessories are either copied or the local ones.Another important difference is that you don’t get any service centre warranty on these products untill and unless these products are company refurbished.

Current trends indicate that the market of refurbished products will boom in the forth coming years.According to a research study by Gartner ,the market of refurbished mobiles will itself grow to 14 billion dollars in India.

These replaced products work just the same as new ones and with a bit of tweaking look totally new. We hope to serve our customers a better product at a cheaper price and with reliable support.It is our goal,and we will accomplish it.We are planning to roll out our features and services soon.

If you too think of any idea related to recycling or refurbishing ,please comment out below.  We will try to include it in our website and give you credits .

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  1. Mohini V Vaidya - September 16, 2018 Reply

    I want to see ell my used Asus zenfone 2 2gb/16 GB. It is not in working condition. Repair cost is between 500 to 1500rs.Its parts like camera motherboard etc can be used. If you r company is interested in buying this phone pl contact me on 9689653814. Ready to sell it at low cost.

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