Return Policy

Return Policies

  1. 3 days return policy is given by the seller only, which is the primary condition of second vendor to seller to list their products on our site.(Delivery day will be included as a first day of warranty)

  2.  A Product can be returned if the product receives defective /damage/Not as described as mentioned by the seller then return request is to be raised on the same day of delivery.

  3.  Battery/software/Bill warranty related issues are there then return request can be raised in next two days of delivery.

  4.  If the product is imported or out of warranty then a buyer cannot raise a return request on bill or any warranty basis.

  5. Products out of warranty or imported cannot be returned on its warranty basis.

  6. Any Products without bill cannot be returned on the basis of non availability of bills.

  7. If product is mentioned with bill and customer receives product without bill then customer can raise a request of return. In that case company will confirm regarding the bill information from the seller if the seller has the bill then it will be couriered to customer otherwise customer can return the product or contact to the seller for any compensation 

  8. Imported products can have copied products so the return request for the same cannot be raised for the imported products on its basis.